Are you a company that develops software in-house and are you in need of more developers or in need of specific expertise? I can help out!

I am a senior software engineer specialized in security and embedded software development. See my portfolio for insight into my previous projects.

As a freelancer I work either as part of your development team, or completely autonomously. Due to the pandemic I work remotely from the Amsterdam (+1 UTC) timezone, unless access to specific hardware or facilities is essential to the project.


Generally I am available up to 0.5 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) for any single client. After any project I will remain available for small one-off requests under the previous agreement, but for more long-term arrangements a retainership is more suitable.

I currently have the following openings in my work schedule:

  • 0.5 FTE from January 2021.
  • 1.0 FTE from March 2021.

An example agreement is as follows:

Together with the client we decide that the scope of work will result in 200 hours of labor. I will work between 16 hours and 20 hours a week on the project. This means that the project will be done within 10 to 13 weeks.

Software development

Project reimbursement is done either with:

  • a fixed price, with adequate milestones and a rigorously defined Scope of Work. This is suitable for projects with a higher risk profile and a limited budget.
  • an hourly rate, based on actual hours worked. Any breaks and interruptions will not be billed. This is suitable for projects that will have a changing scope of work or requirements. My hourly rate for software development is €125,- excl. VAT per hour.

Special rates may apply to the following cases:

  • The products of the project are open source.
  • The project is (partially) written in Rust.
  • The client is a non-profit or green company.
  • The project is related to spaceflight or some other area that is of specific interest to me.

Any project specific hardware acquisitions (eg. dev kits, prototypes, embedded hardware components) are billed to the client, unless otherwise agreed upon. Any resulting prototypes, hardware and intellectual property belong to the client.

Billing occurs on a milestone or monthly basis. Invoices need to be fulfilled within 30 days.


You can hire me as a retainer. For a monthly fee I will make myself available to you for support and consultancy. This arrangement works really well for past clients who still need post-project support and maintenance.

The retainership fee depends on the estimated effort required from me, and should be proportional to the value that I can provide to you, the client. When the effort required moves beyond what was agreed upon for the retainership, we can always modify the retainership or define a new project.

The retainership involves at least a monthly call under the enjoyment of a cup of coffee or tea, discussing your situation and possible needs.

Reasons for a retainership include:

  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Code review
  • Advice
  • Insight
  • Referrals


Can you explain your fee?

In over a year of freelancing I have not been without work. Hence my services are in demand. I am confident that I can provide a suitable value for this fee, and I will immediately and plainly tell you when I think this is not the case.

Can you provide a discount?

Perhaps, let’s discuss it! If I cannot provide a discount, perhaps we can come up with a smaller Scope of Work to fit your budget.

Are you capable of doing X or Y?

You can check out my list of skills in my resume. I am also a very quick study.

Do you do anything we ask?

Note that I have a strong sense of ethics and will probably decline anything shady. I am adverse to anything negatively impacting the planet and to the development of weapons.

Do you sign NDA’s?

Probably, but I will first need to read the NDA thoroughly. It must always be possible to decline the project after hearing what the project is about. Also note that I am free to contact Dutch authorities if it concerns anything remotely illegal.

How does VAT work?

Depending on your location you may or may not have to provide VAT. I am based in The Netherlands, and I will bill 21% to Dutch companies. For companies with EU-based affiliates billing is always straightforward. Check your local taxation office to know whether you have to pay VAT to me. For example: US companies do not have to pay VAT.