Here I list some of the projects I’ve contributed to; especially the projects I am proud of.


Current projects

  • VanHElsing (4th place in FOF division) and Satallax‑MaLeS (1st place in THF division), Automated Theorem Provers entered for CASC-J7 2014.
  • SuperMarx, an aggregator of supermarket products.
  • islang, or the Inductive Scripting Language, a small functional programming language with C++ as target, written in C++.
  • roerei, a tool for Premise Selection on Coq proofs, written in OCaml.

Past projects

  • Ruuster, an aggregator of schedules for multiple universities.
  • splang, a compiler for the Simple Programming Language in Haskell (for the Compiler Construction course at the RU).
  • RUnieuws, a scraper of the previously hidden news website of the RU (defunct).

For more of my work, visit my GitHub page.