LED beamer

A work-in-progress LED beamer that projects a small circle of semi-coherent LED light onto the floor. The LED is dimmable thanks to a LED driver that accepts a PWM signal. Requires a safety system using the Acconeer A111 Radar Ranging chip to turn the assembly off when a person walks into the light and is unfortunate enough to look directly into the light. Uses Padded Jittering Operative Network to talk over RS485 to other devices in the facility. The stack of PCBs is designed by me in KiCAD, and the firmware of the core module is written by me in Rust.

This project requires that I work closely with the mechanical and optical engineer to deliver and test various prototypes, until finally managing the production of the device at small scale.

Prototype design of the core element Prototype design of the LED element

Wouter Geraedts
Wouter Geraedts
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